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article: Canabbis as relaxing in cch

written by: markmartinez

Cannabis oíl, medical marijuana as its name says, is used in the medical spectrum as a powerful analgesic to treat chronic pain.

For this reason some cch students use it as a relaxant, after their classes as they end up with stress and pain; this is not done to a large audience, since it is still illegal, in the school smoking this oil would have serious consequences that would lead to expulsion and be handed over to the authorities.

Likewise, cannabis oil appears to have beneficial effects in diseases Faced with multiple sclerosis, cannabis oil is seen as a muscle relaxant and, therefore, attenuate muscle spasms and pain.

5 out of 10 students surveyed said that they consume cannabis for medical purposes or as de-stressing, while the other 5 as a drug.

article: mark Martinez


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